Comparison Chart

Electrolysis and Laser Comparison Chart
Electrolysis Topic Laser
Yes —the heat desiccates the hair follicle Is it permanent? The laser shrinks the hair follicle. The FDA says laser is a "reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime."
Pain tolerance varies individually. There are topicals available for relief. Does it hurt? The sensation has been described as a rubber-band being snapped or a pin prick.
No skin typing required; suntan history is not important Medical History Medications; suntan history; skin typing required (see form)
Hairs not at the anagen stage will grow back and others may have been cycled out and not evident with prior electrolysis Re-growth Hairs not at the anagen stage will grow back. Some hairs will grow back softer, finer and lighter in color. Some hairs are "stubborn" and laser may not be the best choice to remove these hairs.
Redness, hive/mosquito bite-like appearance and occasionally, some scabbing may occur. Appearance after treatment Redness like a sunburn. May blister if laser is performed on newly suntanned skin.
First treatment is after a 15 minute consultation How soon does treatment actually start?

First visit - consultation; the Medical Director must sign off on the medical history prior to starting treatment.

Second visit - a test spot is treated; look for reactions

Third visit - Full treatment to the desired body part

Every case is different. One cannot know how many times it will take until your hairs are gone. We start out weekly and as the hair growth slows, increased time is allotted before the next treatment. Frequency Every body responds individually to the laser treatment. One cannot know how many times it will take until your hairs are gone. Every 4-6 weeks with an average of 6-8 treatments to the desired body part. Some individuals may need to have a touch up after 6 months or a year after their treatment regime
This depends on one's pain tolerance and how the skin is reacting to the heat. Length of Treatment This varies on the desired body part being worked upon. Some examples... upper lip or chin — 10 minutes; full legs — 90 minutes; underarms or bikini — 20 minutes
You will see a slowing of hair growth. Those with moderate to severe hair growth may get frustrated due to the length of time. Are the results immediate? Not seen right away. The hairs will fall out from 3-4 weeks after the treatment. Typically after the 4th treatment, one will see a marked reduction.

Charges are by the length of the treatment.
$25 — 1 to 15 minutes
$30 — 16 to 30 minutes
$55 — 31 - 60 minutes


Charges are by the body part and consist of one treatment. Packages are available... Buy 4 get 5th free. Examples, per treatment:
$110—upper lip
$180—extended bikini

Typical treatment: 30 minute treatment for just under 10 months
36 weeks x $30 = $1080

Total Cost Examples

8 treatments at 6 week intervals:
Underarms = $1000
Upper Lip = $880
Extended Bikini = $1440
Chin = $1000

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