Laser Hair Removal

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How does the laser remove hair?

The laser light penetrates through the skin and tissue to the appropriate depth. It targets the melanin in the follicle to create heat, which destroys the follicle.

What will the laser feel like?

Most clients refer the sensation to a pin prick or a rubber band snapped onto them. Our laser has a built in cooling agent to help alleviate this feeling.

How many treatments are needed?

It is necessary to treat the area several times. Hair responds to laser only at the anagen stage. If too much time lapses, that hair will have to cycle through the other stages before the laser can kill the follicle. The average is 6 - 8 treatments with 4-6 weeks between each treatment. Lighter colored hair and finer hair may take longer. It's important to say that many variables can affect hair growth, i.e. hormones, diet, stress, phase of hair growth and the body area.

Are there side effects?

Commonly you will experience temporary redness, swelling and pain like a mild sunburn. A test spot is done prior to a full treatment session to avoid other side effects.

What results can be expected following a laser treatment?

Typically, no change is seen, possibly red marks or whiteheads, which clear up in a couple of days. Two or three treatments may be given before a reduction is obvious with one to three weeks before the hair falls out. You may notice not shaving as often, less hairs in the areas and finer, lighter colored hairs.

Are there precautions to follow?

You MUST AVOID sun exposure for up to 4 weeks before and after the laser treatment to reduce white or dark spots on the skin. Use a 30+ SPF sunscreen. Do not wax, tweeze, bleach or use any epilation for 4 weeks prior. For more information see Laser Advice.

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