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Causes of Unusual Hair Growth Problems

There are several causes of hair problems. The three primary causes are congenital, topical and systemic.

Congenital means you were born with it. An example of genetics would be that people from the Mediterranean area have a tendency to be more hairy.
Topical implies a chronic topic stimulation that increases the blood supply and causes hair growth. An example of this would be having a cast on your leg. The chafing/rubbing of the cast on your skin causes the stimulation.
Systemic is the distribution of hormones that can stir up the hair cells to life. Examples are puberty, pregnancy and menopause. This is the most common cause of a hair problem. If you feel you have a hormonal imbalance and have an excessive hair pattern, LRHRC recommends seeing your physician prior to electrolysis and/or laser treatments.

Other causes include medications, stress and endocrine disorders. Disease and skin grafts can also be causes of unusual hair growth. Whatever your cause...

LRHRC can help with your hair growth problem by using electrolysis or laser hair removal .

Our primary objective is to achieve our client's goals and provide personal and confidential hair removal services with the utmost dignity.

Some variables that determine the outcome and length of treatment include: Skin type, the area to be treated, hair texture, hair depth, sun exposure, pain tolerance, number of treatments, client's response, wavelength of laser, hormones, medications, diet, stress, diseases...

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